Olga Larsson

Olga Larsson is the creator of Angel PMU, the Beauty Angels Academy brand of permanent makeup for the lips and eyeliner. She is both a Head master trainer and an artist.

Olga moved to Norway in 2011 and opened DermaArt beauty studio in 2014.

She holds multiple certifications in cosmetic tattooing in multiple techniques, such as Ombré Powder Brows, Microblading, Eyeliner, Lip Micropigmentation, Tattoo Removal, Areola and others.

In 2015 Olga became a permanent makeup trainer for one of the largest beauty academies in the world – Phi Academy.

In that same year, Olga met Kler Salom Rosenberg, Patricia Cerreno and Ramses Avila – who would go on to become founders of BeautyAngels Academy.

Olga has been teaching all over the world from Cypress to Norway, the United States to Mexico, from Sweden to Denmark, Israel and many other countries.

Olga is also a founder of PhiGlow technique(manual pigmentation technique)

In 2019 she became a BeautyAngels Angel PMU head master trainer.

Olga is dedicated to her craft, she is consistently keeping up to date with the newest techniques on the market to advance her skills and further satisfy her students and clients!

She believes that only 5% of success is talent, and that the rest comes from hard work and dedication to one’s craft.